Most of those shown here are avaliable
Sold paintings are in the ARCHIVE

Many other paintings by Don are displayed in three other websites.
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Don's recent paintings
older paintings not shown here
much older paintings not shown here

Don recently started taking many photos upon which to base paintings.
Samples are posted in albums on Facebook.
Everyone can view them by opening the following links in new windows.
Recent Photos to base paintings on
Recent Photos for portrait Paintings
“Lisa” at Hillside

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Amy in Tutu            12 x 9

Yellow Dress        24x30

Amy Resting       30x24

Amy Sitting           24x20

Sally Resting          18x24

Sarah Outdoors         24x20

Parasol                 20x16

Emmy Reading         18x24

White Hat         8x10

Sarah in Blue        17x23

Three Ballerinas        16x20

Emily Resting        30x24

"Step on a crack.."       18x11

Amy in Window       16x20

Santa Fe Model        24x30

Red Hat               16x20  

White Robe       30x48

White Shirt        18x24

Waiting        48x30

Blue Dress       16x20

Black Dress            16x20

Blue Scarf         24x18

Jenny Sitting       24x20

Sarah Resting        18x24

Amish Girl             20x24

Jenny Outdoors        36x48

Emma           16x20

Sarah in Red           24x30

Derby         12x16