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Sally Wyman McCready
Born Sarah Helen Wyman in 1926, Sally was raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. As a "born artist" her talent and early training, especially , in high school, led her into the University of Michigan's, School of Architecture and Design.
In 1949 she received a Bachelor's Degree in Design, with minors both in Drawing and English, also certification to teach art.
       The art professor who influenced her the most was Carlos Lopez.
      Sally had met Don McCready in 12th grade (1943) and they married 5 years later.
After teaching for two years, she had the first of three sons and devoted herself to raising the family. She also began painting portraits of family and friends, especially children.
       In 1965 the family moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin, and Sally refreshed her studio training by taking figure-painting courses at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She also took summer workshops in watercolor from Max F. Taylor at UW-W.
      Sally also began to accept portrait commissions from a wider clientele. She painted Les Aspin, former congressman and Secretary of Defense.
       In 1983 she painted a portrait of Bennie Oosterbaan (based upon a 1926 photo). He was the legendary football, basketball and baseball great at the University of Michigan (1925-1927) and, later the esteemed football coach (1948-1953). He had been Sally's next-door neighbor (1933-1949) good sports friend, and mentor. After seeing that painting she had given to Bennie, the U of M Athletic Department commissioned her to paint another one (1989) for public display.
Her many portraits and other paintings can be found in public and private collections all across the US.
     Her paintings sometimes won awards in the few juried art shows she entered, but, in general, Sally was reluctant to exhibit her work. "She hid her light under a basket"
  A lover of animals, Sally enjoyed painting portraits of pets. .

On November 23, 2008 , Sally died suddenly and unexpectedly in Whitewater, surrounded by family near the end of a long Sunday lunch and Chrismas shopping trip she was greatly enjoying.
She was an inspiration to fellow artists, and Don's best teacher, muse and favorite model.

Email: saldon [at]
675 S. Wisconsin St.
Whitewater, WI   53190.
(262) 473-2120

Don McCready
While growing up in Ann Arbor, Don received art training early and in high school.
       He formally met Sally in the 12th grade (1943) and they married in 1948.
       At the University of Michigan, Don received degrees in vision research (a specialty within Experimental Psychology). He often painted.
In 1965 he became a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
He painted as often as his full-time teaching and research career allowed.
He also took many art studio courses at UW-W, mostly figure painting and watercolor classes taught by Max F. Taylor.
       Don exhibited in regional, juried shows and sometimes earned top awards.        His paintings can be found in homes and offices from coast to coast.
He also accepted commissions: In 1985, the Apple Computers Co. had him paint a large portrait of their "new" Apple IIe and Apple IIc, to hang in the main office of the Apple Division. In exchange he received a complete Apple IIe system.
And, in 1988, SuperAmerica commissioned a large painting of one of its stores to hang in the foyer of the corporate headquarters near Minneapolis.
       In 1992, Don retired from the UW-W and began to devote more time to painting.
In 2010 he continues to paint, and maintains the websites that show his and Sally's works that do not appear on this "old" website.

Our oldest son, Benjamin McCready , is an acclaimed portrait artist. We continue to learn about portrait painting by observing his unique talent. His portraits can be seen at his own web page at:

We thank, Branden, our oldest grandson , for his invaluable assistance in preparing this website.